by Razormaze

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released April 27, 2010

Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Fred Sladkey at Mudskipper Studios in Arlington, MA April 2010
All songs written and produced by Razormaze Copyright 2010



all rights reserved


Razormaze Boston

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Track Name: Karma In/Karma Out
Do you ever stop to think that all these lies have made you weak,
And your egos and impediment, not another mouth to feed,
Your wounded soul is filled with ulcers inflicted by all of the habits to which you're addicted

Karma in/Karma out, things will never be the same

Now you've got some pain to feel
You gotta level out the playin' field
Your master plan was ill-devised
Your bullshit will be recognized

Pity you, Spineless, Fabricated, Weak

The Hell exists inside
(Karma in/Karma out) x 3
Toying with your fragile little mind
(Karma in/Karma out) x 3

It's closing in, it's time, now it comes
Do you want blood?

Your wit and tact won't save you now
These facts you choose to disavow
Your ignorance has made you real
Choke to death as you're revealed

Track Name: Creed of Absolution
Polarized by mass delusion
Accepting only your conclusion
No logic needed when you've got a place to belong
Feels so damn good to tell someone else they're wrong

Give yourself to ritual
Wallow in the Spectacle

Useless matters only serve to deceive
In this politik that you believe
There is only one ultimate truth
These foolish debates only distract you

Creed of absolution this ignorance keeps you at bay
Creed of absolution squanders your lives away
Track Name: Miseries of the Flesh
As I lay now down to sleep,
Tonight behind the veil I'll seek,
Abyssal Plains before unseen,
And perfectly revealed to me,
Walls around me fall to ash,
As matter sublimates to gas,
But this is not the fabled end,
I force reality to bend,

So deep, searchin for a way out x 2

These, these miseries of the flesh,
I'm bound to them all,
I seek to elude them in death,
'Cause I know that inaction means eternal pain,

This glimpse I have of freedom,
And destruction of all form,
Has led me to a state of bliss,
That man has yet to learn,
Trapped within this vessel,
(Cursed, Living Eternally),
The burdens of humanity,
Forever in repeat,

These, these miseries of the flesh,
I'm bound to them all,
I seek to elude them in death,
Can't seem to at all