The True Speed of Steel

by Razormaze

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released June 27, 2009

The True Speed of Steel

Sam Nevin - Bass/Vocals
Alex Citrone - Vocals/Guitar
Nick Lazzaro - Drums
Dave Carlino - Lead Guitar

Recorded at Mad Oak Studios in Allston, MA by Devin Charette
All songs mixed by Devin Charette with additional my Benny Grotto except *Desperado and *Slaughterotica mixed by Benny Grotto
Mastered at New Alliance East in Cambridge, MA by Nick Zampiello
All songs written and produced by Razormaze



all rights reserved


Razormaze Boston

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Track Name: Annihilator
You have become the annihilator!

Beware my friends
You're now the masters of your own mortality
You ask why while spending time
Purchasing Fatality
The streets will fissure spewing hell
Death will dance and ring it's bells
It's time to end this pain for pleasure
That you so adore

What the fuck could slobs like you achieve
It almost seems that there is nothing left
If you could even hesitate
You would truly seal our fate
What the fuck could slobs like you achieve

You have become the annihilator!
You will pay the final cost
At your hands all life is lost
As we're devoured by exhaust

The waves will crash it wont be pretty
So grab your boards and surf your city
You'll never learn your fuckin' lesson
Await the end and count your blessings
Track Name: Slaughterotica
Masochistic and sadistic
Death the outcome that you savor
Rip the flesh for the release
The taste of blood your favorite flavor
Say goodnight to your convictions
This fetish is a wretched crime
Climactic ooze of disembowelment
To satisfy your lust tonight

This passion is insane
Finding pleasure in the pain

Thrill of the kill
Let the blood spill
This morbid will
Thrill of the kill

Self-inflicted wounds to bond the blood and stain the sheets
Torture and the screams of pain are getting you in heat
Veins are pumping
Sweat drips as you leave no limbs in tact
Knee deep in this desecration
There's no turning back

Scrapes and bruises running down your thighs
The victims of your sadistic crimes
And torture are what get you off the best
Slaughter on the first date
Death upon the bed!
Track Name: Desperado
Pistols gleaming in the sun he rides across the plain
Blood sweat tears
Hell snow or shine or rain
Behind he leaves a wake of dust and death lies just ahead
He rides on into the mines to kill these bastards dead

Light the flame!
Smoke them out!
Shoot to kill!

Ride on for justice with torch in his hand
His steed is shaking the heavens
Master of combat he lives by the gun
As the earth becomes saturated with
The blood!


Piles of the beasts surround
The wounds of the fight mark his flesh
He is alone and soon he shall fall
But there is victory in his death
Track Name: Bleed on Command
Prepare to exit the land of the living
And enter a metal warzone unforgiving
Slave through the week in a windowless cell
Now thrashing fists with the minions of hell
You're dying beside them
You're dying as brothers
And all is well!
And all is well!

Now serve your master
You! Bow to him!
Heed the demand
Offer your flesh and

Bleed on command!
I am the man!

You're wasting away as your life spills forth from you
Your pain is your only release
You now serve the decibels eating the atmosphere
Your end is your only way out
Track Name: Lobotomized
Sliced from ear to ear 'cross the head
Not alive now
Still undead
Electrodes placed inside your brain
Never to be human again


Cortex tarnished
Drilling holes
Emotionally vacant
Your skin so cold
Now a zombie
I possess your soul
Mental slavery
A slave for my control

Shackled to the wall to be release at my own will
A servant to your master
At my bidding you shall kill
Inside you i've placed wires to stop you from asking why
Mentally retired
You're half dead and half alive
Track Name: Dipsomaniac
I can't remember where i left my equilibrium
It was years ago
I've been living underwater ever since
Now the tides begin to grow
Breathing in all the second chances that rise up from the undertow
Thus begins the retox of all of us
We've lost all control

Another night of this
The poison in your fist
And there's no chance in turning back
'cause you're a dipsomaniac

You're a dipsomaniac!

This is about only your selfish needs
Sleep away the residue of your foolish deeds
Tend to your wounds
And mend your swollen head
To once again walk in line with the dead
Track Name: Slave to the Maze
Now it's time to get in line and wait for what is coming
You will not see the signs 'till you're neck deep in it
Ignorance is bliss
Just cease your questioning to stay alive
Toil 'till your end and know your purpose is worthless

It's time to open up your eyes to what is real
And from the shadows they watch as we all die
You're nothing more than just a peon in this place
You're nothing more than just a slave
You're just a slave!

Slave to the maze!

Don't matter who your leader is
They'll live to see a world enslaved
Pity on the non-believers
Don't act out
You'd best behave
Shackles on your wrist before you
The life you chose to live behind
Death be to us all as such a fate would be more kind

You have a choice to make so make it well
You live your life to buy or sell
To sell you must first sell yourself
Or buy to fill your empty shell
Work all day to make the grade
No sleep if you wanna get paid
Years of digging shallow graves
Nothing but another

Slave to the maze!
I cannot go on!
Slave to the maze!
As your worthless little spawn!

Each night you're tortured by dreams of escape
Endless grind
Endless rape
Endless hours
Make your cut
And when you fall their eyes are shut
Caged in like an animal
Stripped of choice and of free will
A lifetime trapped inside the maze
Nothing but another

Slave to the maze!